About Us



Specialising in weddings, family, portrait photography and bespoke prints, Fotogenique was born from the craving to capture connection and document the magic and beauty behind everyday moments.

Our aim is to seize the feeling in every frame, create everlasting photographs that speak for themselves and freeze life’s inspiring moments through exceptional prints. 

We believe in unleashing creativity, embracing inspiration and catching the candid; let us show you your life through our lens.

Book us for your next event for a moment in time made forever, or fill your frame with one of our bespoke, high-quality prints that’ll transport you away with just one glimpse.


Founder, creator and chocolate lover, Moe is the main man behind Fotogenique. Usually the one with the camera (although known to jump in for a snap or two), Moe’s imagination is almost as endless as his tie collection – almost!

Drawing inspiration from his witty and cheeky teenage son, Moe founded Fotogenique to shine the spotlight on your story: one click, print and laugh at a time.