the photographer

My name is Muhammed... but everyone calls me Moe.

You'll usually find me behind the lens however, don't be surprised if I jump in for a shot or two!

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

My parents then dragged me to Beirut, Lebanon in 1992 (I really didn’t have a choice - I was only 12 years old at the time).


I came back to Melbourne in 2000, then back & forth between Beirut & Melbourne until I finally settled down in Melbourne in early 2003. 

My inspiration: A very witty and cheeky teenage son!

I have worked in the corporate world for almost 25 years, however, I love to unleash my creative streak, which is where photography comes in. I'm positive that you don't want to hear all the sloppy stuff about how passionate about photography I am, etc... so let's get straight to the point.


My aim is to capture and create photographs that have an everlasting impression - IMAGES THAT "TALK". 

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