What a difference it would make if each time we stood on the scales, they told us how beautiful we are?

What a difference it would make if we all had the strength and courage to tell anyone that made us feel horrible about our appearance that we are better than that.

How amazing would it feel if each time we put on an item of clothing, we felt comfortable.

Wouldn't it be great if each time we took a photo, we didn't have to worry about showing our "good side" because we had the confidence to know that all sides are good.

When we were children, we were overflowing in confidence. Nothing seemed to matter and we were invincible. But all it takes is for someone to say one nasty thing to you and that's where your self esteem begins to spiral downwards. It could be another kid at school that laughs at you and calls you fat. Or that annoying aunt who sticks her nose in everyone's business and tells you that you look like a skeleton.

These hurtful words eat us up on the inside. They mess with our heads and make us ashamed of who we are. We cry, get mad, angry or just distance ourselves from the world. We are made to believe that we shouldn't be seen or that we are insignificant. We're always worried about what everyone else thinks and this behaviour is what stops us from progressing. It hinders our ability to function in the normal world. It is so destructive and sometimes, even deadly.

But it's time to stop. No one has the right to tell you that your body shape is not right. No one has the right to make you feel worthless or strip away your self esteem. We all need to change our language (both verbal and body language). Rather than pointing out someone's weight, tell them how great they look in their clothes. Be encouraging, be inspiring. If we all took the time to focus on changing our vocabulary we would make such a difference.

And what a difference it would make to our world if everyone walked with their heads held high, beaming with confidence.


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